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2020 Annual Dinner

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Yeshiva Har Torah's Thirty-First Annual Scholarship Dinner
Motzaei Shabbat January 11, 2020 
Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation
Guests of Honor: Drs. Leah and Jon Fish


Leah and Jon Fish do so much for our yeshiva that, despite their understated demeanors and general avoidance of the spotlight, most people still know how much they mean to Yeshiva Har Torah. Leah has been co-president of the YHT-PTA for five years, a longtime board member, current Executive Committee member, social media team member, and has previously served in numerous other roles within YHT. Jon is a respected member of our Education Committee and currently serves as secretary. He has also volunteered much of his time providing financial oversight at YHT and has generously provided his medical expertise whenever called upon. Outside of YHT, Jon is a co-president of Congregation Eitz Chayim of Dogwood Park. Together, Jon and Leah are true community leaders whose priorities and values inspire us.
Leah and Jon’s children are every bit as amazing as their parents. Shai ‘17, Tani ‘20, and Orli ‘22 contribute so much to the character of our yeshiva and serve as role models for their friends and peers. 


Pillars of Jewish Education: Davida and Marc Yehaskel

Davida and Marc are truly pillars of Jewish education. They have placed Jewish education as their foremost priority and do so much to uphold and strengthen the Yeshiva Har Torah community. Davida is a “doer” par excellence who often gets things done before the question is finished being asked. She has been a class mother countless times, served on committees too numerous to count, and has chaired the Annual Scholarship Dinner for years. Marc is similarly dedicated, having served two terms on the Board of Directors and co-chairing the YHT Annual Golf Classic (Save the Date: June 15, 2020) for many years. Their dedication to the Jewish community goes far beyond YHT. They are active at the Great Neck Synagogue, have been honored previously by American Friends of Bet El, and regularly host fundraisers for Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim. What’s more, Davida and Marc are beloved by friends and colleagues. Both Davida and Marc have contagious, upbeat personalities and are always there to help a friend. Their incredible middot have clearly rubbed off on their children, Shlomo ’19, Leah ‘20, Shmuel ‘22, Charlotte ‘25 and Nina ‘27. 
Tomchei Torah Awardees: The Livi Family
Nurit & Edo Livi
bn crop
Liora & Danny Livi
KL Livi
 Gila & Simon Livi
     SG Livi     
The Livi Family - Edo and Nurit, Yonatan ’18, Tehila ’20, and Naomi ’23; Danny and Liora, Jeremy ’10, Gavriel ’17, Benjamin ’18 and Jacob ’23; and Simon and Gila, Aiden ’22, Ethan ’24 and Liam ‘27 - has been associated with Yeshiva Har Torah family for almost two decades. Over the years, their influence has been felt in so many ways. On a simple level, they have immersed themselves in many of our activities and volunteered and supported our yeshiva on an ongoing basis, including playing an important role in the construction of our building as well as our upcoming expansion. They are respected leaders in the Mashadi community and embody the very highest Torah values and finest middot. They are a role model for a close-knit family, which makes joint decisions for community involvement and support. The respect they have earned is only surpassed by their genuine humility and selflessness. 
Faculty Award for Distinguished Educational Leadership: Morah Vivian Rosenberg
Morah Vivian Rosenberg has served as the Early Childhood Director of Yeshiva Har Torah for nineteen years. Under her guidance, the department has developed into the sought-after program which is, at the same time, warm and nurturing, while preparing our children for the rigors of our elementary school program. Morah Vivian has dedicated herself to her students and to our yeshiva. Her bright smile welcomes the children each morning and her insight and guidance inspire her staff on a daily basis. Morah Vivian and her husband, Menachem, are the proud parents of four children and many grandchildren, two of whom, Dovi and Yoni Rosenberg, are students at YHT. As the recipient of our Faculty Award for Distinguished Educational Leadership, Morah Vivian sets the standard for a growth-minded professional, dedicated to our yeshiva and to Klal Yisrael.
YHT Class of 2000
Class of 2000
At this year's dinner we're saluting the Yeshiva Har Torah Class of 2000 in honor of the 20th year anniversary of their graduation.

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