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Early Childhood

At Yeshiva Har Torah's Early Childhood Program, we treat each day as a new adventure. We engage each child's innate sense of wonder, enthusiasm, and excitement as they explore, play, and learn. The warm and open atmosphere that our highly credentialed, experienced morot and administrators create in our Early Childhood Program helps foster a love of learning. We want learning to be fun, creative, interactive, and engaging, consistent with research-based best practices and methodologies. We also recognize that each child is an individual with a unique learning style. Our differentiated approach to learning comes from this recognition. We aim to meet each child at their level so that they can develop educationally while also maintaining self-esteem. 


We recognize that education -- especially for younger children -- is a marathon, not a sprint. Research consistently shows that young children who are allowed to explore and grow through the right kinds of guided play later match or surpass the academic performance of children using more formal, direct teaching methods, and develop stronger social, interpersonal, and emotional skills. Our academic program builds on each child's prior knowledge and is aligned with Common Core standards. Literacy, math, and Hebrew skills are taught through stories, songs, class discussions, hands-on experiences, and center-based learning. Kindergarten students who have a unique aptitude in literacy participate in enrichment with a learning specialist. At the same time, our morot nurture cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skills. 


Of course, spiritual growth -- including a love for, and commitment to, Torah, mitzvot, Religious Zionism, Eretz Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael -- is central to our mission. We teach and cultivate these ideals through, among other things, art, music, and play. We also focus heavily on the chagim, parshiot, tefilot, and berachot. However, teaching these ideals is not enough; they also must be modeled. Our morot embody these values and convey a love and respect for Torah, striving to touch the hearts and souls of each of their talmidim and talmidot.        

While the Early Childhood Program is its own program with its own specialized faculty, facilities, and support, we take advantage of the fact that Yeshiva Har Torah is one school, with one set of ideals, all under one roof. Indeed, it is a hallmark of the Har Torah experience that our students participate in inter-grade activities throughout the year, including older grades coming in to class to do one-on-one reading, yom tov sing-alongs, and many other activities. It's not uncommon to see a Junior High School student give an Early Childhood Program student a high-five or hug, or vice versa, when passing in the hallway. We love to see that.


We invite parents to partner with us to develop a caring and empathetic community of learners both in and out of the classroom through collaboration and communication. Our family-centered programming throughout the school year enables parents to be involved in their children’s education.


We hope you will join us on this amazing journey.