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Welcome from our Menahel


Dear Friends,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Yeshiva Har Torah. As our Yeshiva proudly celebrates its 28th year of dedicated service to the Jewish community and to “Building the Jewish Future, One Child at a Time,” we note that twenty eight is the numerical value of Koach, strength. To me, this symbolizes a propitious opportunity to renew our Koach, to strengthen our commitment to each and every one of our precious students by providing them with a child-centered, inspirational, rigorous educational experience, in both Jewish and General Studies. Our success is predicated on maintaining each student’s dignity and individuality, and encouraging them to explore and take risks as each one learns and develops.
Koach also represents potential, and what amazing potential our Yeshiva embodies! The collective potential of each of our beautiful students, of each of our talented and compassionate teachers and of each of our wonderful and dedicated parents, is immense. We are committed to marshaling this Koach, this energy, to work as partners with our parents in furthering our guiding mission and vision to provide a unique Yeshiva experience that encourages our students to develop into thinking, confident, caring, learned, respectful, happy and proud Jews.
The environment at Yeshiva Har Torah is a special one. While we have the resources, programs and professional infrastructure of a large school, there is a pervasive feeling of a close-knit community and family. The strong emphasis on relationships and Kavod HaBriot (respect for humanity), which is reinforced through consistent modeling of respectful interactions, is the essence of the Yeshiva Har Torah experience. When children feel respected as individuals and as learners, they learn to be respectful: respectful of one another, respectful of their teachers and respectful of all human beings. This, I believe, is the hallmark of our Yeshiva as we prepare our students for sophisticated and challenging academic and Jewish learning opportunities in Yeshiva high school and beyond. Ultimately, we want our graduates to be active leaders and members of the Jewish community and to feel connected to Medinat Yisrael, while contributing in significant ways to society at large.    
I invite you to come and feel the Koach, the energy. I invite you to experience first-hand a vibrant, dynamic and truly child-centered Yeshiva. Come and see the potential for your family to become a part of ours, and for your child to experience the wonder of Yeshiva Har Torah.  
Rabbi Gary Menchel