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We view every student as an individual with her or his own learning plan. While not considered a related service like Speech and Language, OT, and PT, Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) is also a service that is delivered via an IESP. Yeshiva Har Torah is a licensed SETSS agency in its own right, allowing us to hire and supervise our own providers, and align the work of students receiving these services with our curriculum. SETSS is provided by professionals with an advanced degree in Special Education or a related area, who are hired, supervised, and mentored directly by Yeshiva Har Torah’s educational leadership. Specifically, our learning specialists are all highly trained, Master’s level special educators with certifications in literacy, Wilson reading remediation, or math special education. Students who are eligible for additional support in Literacy or Math are taught in small groups with other students who have similar needs, and are supported either in class (push in) or in our Student Support Center (pull out). Students in SETSS are carefully monitored, with ongoing assessment to keep our groupings fluid to meet student needs. Students are generally approved for 3 to 5 periods a week of SETSS.