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Lunch and Nutrition

Students can bring their own lunch -- subject to school Kashrut and allergy policies -- or participate in our optional lunch program. We are a nut-free school due to the existence of nut allergies within our student body. No snacks or lunches may be brought to school with any type of nuts, including peanut butter.

For our optional lunch program, our on-site chef, Five Star Caterers, prepares a high quality, healthy, rotating lunch every school day, and our PTA volunteers help serve it. The current month's lunch schedule can be found here. Mondays and Wednesdays are meat days. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are dairy days. In addition to the daily menu items, a salad bar, whole wheat bread, fresh bagels, tuna, and eggs are available every day. On meat days, jelly and SunButter are also available. On dairy days, cream cheese, butter, yogurt, and cheese are also available. In addition, on special days, like Yom Haazmaut and Lag Ba'Omer, the PTA sponsors special themed lunches and snacks for the entire school.

You can hear our own Chef Bracha discuss lunch and nutrition at YHT on this episode of the YHTPoV podcast: