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Middle School Elective Program


Our Junior High School students have the unique opportunity to participate in the Rabiei Elective Program year-round, which allows students to explore new areas of interest, broaden their knowledge and skills, highlight their special talents, and, of course, have a lot of fun! Students choose a new elective each trimester to maximize opportunities for exploration. Spread throughout the school building and under the guidance of skilled instructors and facilitators (some from our own faculty and others brought in from outside), our students participate in activities such as:

A Novel Idea

Yeshiva Har Torah has a new book club for students!  Book club members read the same young-adult book, meet to discuss what they’ve read, and learn about new authors.

Using a variety of techniques and skills, students work with clay to design and create unique pieces of art. Craftsmanship, design and diligence are emphasized.
YHT participates in the ‘Chess in the Yeshivas’ program, run by Tri-State Chess. Trained coaches implement an educational and competitive program for students to acquire the proper skills and strategies to compete.
Chidon HaTanach
Chidon HaTanach students prepare for and participate in a nationwide Tanach competition. Students intensively study Tanach and then put their knowledge to the test against middle school students around the country. The winner of the national competition wins a trip to Israel.
This elective is an introduction to building websites using HTML and CSS. Students learn the basics of building and styling a website, step by step. This elective will be of particular interest to students who enjoy learning programming in their regular computer courses at YHT.

Students learn to cook, bake, decorate, and present their food.

Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics provides a stimulating experience for students to explore science, technology, math and engineering concepts. Creative minds are shifted into full gear as students design and build their creations from Lego and technology.




At each magic workshop session, students learn the secrets to, and get to keep a number of, fun and exciting magic tricks, while developing the skill and confidence to begin performing magic wherever and whenever.

Miniature Acrylic Painting


Under the guidance of YHT’s art director, students gain an understanding of fundamental concepts of acrylic painting on a minute scale. Each student will create paintings and learn the use of a mini canvas.




Students learn fundamental concepts of composition and editing through the study of everything from famous paintings to popular Instagrammers. The students submit their own photos demonstrating these concepts and then participate in group critiques, forcing students to think hard about their artistic choices.


Self Defense


Taught by trained Israeli martial artists and army soldiers, students learn techniques and skills necessary to properly defend themself from an attacker.


This elective is designed to give students the opportunity to get a good workout, while also enjoying the game of soccer. Students participate in various physical exercises before being split up into teams and playing soccer. No prior soccer experience is necessary. The goal of this elective is to get fit and have fun doing so.

Stop Motion Animation

Under the supervision of an experience filmmaker, students produce their own stop motion animation projects using still digital cameras, computers, and models to create cinematic masterpieces.


Under the supervision of our own science and nature expert, students participate in a variety of hands-on environmental STEM activities while learning about the powers of the wind and the lingering effects of litter. Students also participate in teamwork challenges.


Students learn the basics of acting and performing a play, and then will have an opportunity to work with props, costumes, and collaborate with peers. With the guidance of a professional director, students will audition and be able to put on a performance at the end of the school year.


Yoga is known to help flexibility, strengthen your core muscles, and teach relaxation techniques. Students in the club will get an extreme workout, yet leave the class feeling rejuvenated.


Zumba mixes exercise movements with dance steps derived from various cultures. The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms. The combination of salsa and international music invigorates our girls to stay active and healthy.