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Khan Academy Khan Academy provides learning exercises and instructional videos across a range of subjects for use outside of the classroom.
Lives in the Balance Lives In The Balance is a non-profit organization founded by child psychologist Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the empirically supported Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) approach that is in the process of being adopted in the Elementary School for solving behavioral issues.
Magen New York Magen New York is a grassroots initiative dedicated to creating a healthier and safer community for our children through awareness, education, prevention, and protection.
Matific Matific is used for math homework in Grades 1-4. Co-created by online education pioneers, teachers, and math professors, Matific has since won a bevy of education and EdTech awards. Matific takes a unique approach to teaching math using hands-on and interactive mini-games, called episodes. The computer-based episodes were developed to easily facilitate individualized leveling, allowing teachers to select the relevant episodes and monitor student progress.
Newsela Elementary Newsela Elementary provides teachers, parents, and students with current event articles scaled at different reading comprehension levels. Students read articles covering a wide array of topics then complete accompanying Common Core-aligned quizzes. Articles come from over forty different media sources, including the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Washington Post, and the Associated Press.
Scratch Scratch is a free visual computer programming language developed at MIT. It is used by students to create animations, games, etc. and provide a stepping stone to more advanced computer programming.
TypingClub TypingClub provides free online touch typing lessons.
YUTorah Online is the online home of shiurim and Torah articles from Yeshiva University. The site currently houses over 42,000 shiurim, with shiurim from the various schools and programs at YU, as well as affiliated institutions and guest Torah personalities.