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Lauren Auerbacher Maslow '02

When I was a student at YHT, I lived in Jamaica Estates.  We later moved to Great Neck.  Now, I live in West Hempstead. 

What year did you graduate YHT? 
2002.  Several of my classmates came back to work at YHT at various points, including Caren Hercman, Megan Leifer, Aliza Rabinovich, and Becca Schwartz.  

Did you have any favorite YHT classes or teachers?
A few stand out, including Mrs. Katz for Jewish Studies in 5th and 8th grade.  She was so smart she could have taught any subject.  We used to ask her for help in other subjects.  Mr. Lefrak taught English and was really innovative.  He made use of a classroom library, which is common now, but was pretty much unheard of at the time.  I also have fond memories of Mrs. Jeff who taught 1st grade.  She had a Tupperware of smiley faces that she would throw at you to cheer you up if she saw you were having a bad day -- kind of like the old fashioned version of sending a smiley emoji.  She was just a warm, caring person.

Any favorite YHT memories?
Science Fair with Ms. Kopman was a highlight for me. It was the first time we were totally on our own for a project, with no parental help.  Ms. Kopman taught us how to research, public speak, write, everything.  She was really incredible about that.  My partner and I came in second place, too.  

What have you been up to since YHT?
I'm a 5th grade Literacy and Social Studies teacher at YHT!  I also previously taught 3rd grade.  My daughter starts YHT next year.
[Ed. Note: See below for pictures from Lauren's author's teas, Chumash play, 7th grade trip to Philadelphia, and YHT graduation.]