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Avi Herschman '05

Name Avi Herschman
Hometown West Hempstead
What year did you graduate from YHT? 2005
Did you have a favorite class or teachers and favorite YHT memories?  I feel very fortunate to have had Rabbi Fried and Ms. Kopman. Rabbi Fried was my gemara rebbe in 8th grade and my hockey coach and taught us how to love learning. Ms. Koppman was tough! But she taught us the value of hard work and how to find chochmas Hashem in the world of science
Is there anything from YHT that inspired you to be the person you are today? The warmth and dedication I experienced from the entire staff, especially Rabbi Menchel, is something that I always looked back on fondly and try to emulate in my own work.
What have you been up to since graduating YHT? After graduating, I attended Rambam Mesivta for high school followed by Queens College. I majored in economics and ultimately completed my MBA. Throughout my time at Queens, I learned at Yeshiva Bnei Torah where I received my smicha.  I am currently the Assistant Rosh Mesivta at Rambam Mesivta and teach Tanach, Pirkei Avos, and Gemara.