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Hannah Hoffman '03

Great Neck
What year did you graduate YHT?

I understand you were a basketball star.
A lot of good memories from my YHT days revolve around sports.  I transferred into YHT from public school in 4th grade and, whereas in public school I was just an average athlete, in yeshiva sports I was considered really good.  I loved playing sports in the parking lot during recess.  This was in the old building.  We would play dodgeball during recess and the teachers and rabbis would sometimes join in.  Little known fact: Rabbi Menchel has a really good arm.  

I played for Coach Gurwitz on the girls basketball team every year I was in YHT.  He is a great person and a great coach.  We were really good too.  The grade above me had a bunch of great ball players as well and we won the championship when I was in seventh grade.  I don't think we even had a team name then; we were just "Yeshiva Har Torah." 

Did you have a favorite class or teachers?
I really liked Mrs. Schmidt's math class.  I haven't liked a math class since her.  She was a cool person and I wanted her to like me.  I figured if I did well in math she would like me.  I had her in Grades 6-8.

What have you been up to since graduating YHT?
Yeshiva Har Torah really prepared me well for high school and beyond.  I remember thinking I was way ahead of the curve in a lot of subjects when I started high school.  After YHT, I went to North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, Shaalvim in Israel, NYU, and Hofstra/LIJ for medical school.  Now, I'm a resident at North Shore/LIJ in surgery.  I plan to specialize but it's too early to know in what.  
You should also talk to my brother, Ari.  He's always been academically inclined.  His YHT education eventually took him to Harvard for his BA and Ph.D, and now he's at Stanford Law School.