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Max Kane '07

Great Neck
What year did you graduate YHT?
I graduated in 2007, back when it was still 2 classes per grade.
Did you have any favorite classes or teachers?
A few come to mind.  For Judaic studies, Rabbi Fried’s famous class in the old Oakland building’s basement, and Rabbi Plotkin, my 7th grade rebbe, were favorites.  In General Studies, my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Lefrak, was really memorable.  He was so into school and teaching, and really engaged his students.
What have you been up to since graduating YHT?
After YHT, I went with my classmate Noah to SAR High School. I think we were the first YHT graduates to go there.  After high school I went to yeshiva for a year and then made aliyah and joined the IDF.  I served in the IDF for 2.5 years in the Golani Brigade where I ultimately became a commander.  Thinking about it now, my first leadership experience was as captain of the Hat Trix and it’s likely that things I learned from that experience helped me in as a commander in the IDF.  I’m now in college at IDC in Israel studying finance while simultaneously working at a start-up I co-founded called OFFr.